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Include DEI wishes to bring about a world in which:

  • diversity of social backgrounds and lived experiences has value across society—not only in the rhetoric but also in the actions of those with institutional power.
  • inclusion is the guiding principle for organizations and communities as they seek out solutions to challenges and opportunities that face them.
  • equity is an implicit social norm and accepted common sense. This happens when people who were historically marginalized are now included fully in defining the organizing structures and processes of society.

We accept head-on the critique that the world thus envisioned is currently unimaginable. We also believe in the urgency of equipping communities and organizations to find ways to manifest this vision, here and now.


Include DEI serves businesses, non-profits, governments, community organizations, and educational institutions at the following levels:

  • structural design—how processes align with organizational goals while mitigating bias towards and promoting inclusion of historically marginalized groups. We approach every organization differently but generally use some combination of process mapping, design thinking, and data-driven organizational analysis to address pain points.
  • interpersonal transformation—how skills and habits of leaders as well as individual contributors constantly create, challenge, and recreate organizational norms to the benefit of historically marginalized groups and ultimately the entire organization. Some approaches include qualitative research including surveys and focus groups, facilitated dialogue, and learning experiences with the objective of skill building.
  • intrapersonal development—how individuals understand their own personal and professional identities in relation to the people around them, generally in order to support positive interpersonal and structural interventions. Depending on the individual or group, effective approaches include coaching, self-directed learning experiences, and blended formats with in-person small groups and online components.

About Alex Brown, Founder:

Alex’s holistic approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion centers people and community, relying on qualitative and quantitative data as well as historical and scientific knowledge of intergroup relations. He has worked in formal diversity learning roles in Silicon Valley and was previously a lecturer in Cornell University’s Intergroup Dialogue Project in Ithaca, NY. Alex has a longstanding commitment to self-determination and inclusion of communities in both his professional and personal pursuits. His first job at age 16 was canvassing for an environmental group working with communities in Southeast Michigan to increase the cost of importing out-of-state trash, sewer sludge, and other landfill waste. Participating in intergroup dialogues as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan and graduate student at Cornell led him to involvement in various campaigns for social justice at both institutions. He has designed curriculum, courses, and learning experiences with an intercultural emphasis for high school, university, and adult learners in the United States, France, and Germany. Alex views himself as a practitioner of the applied liberal arts, approaching the diversity of human-centered problems with a corresponding diversity of problem-solving from the humanities and social sciences.

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